License Terms

1. Copyright:
All copyright, ownership and intellectual property rights in the Licensed Content remain the sole and exclusive property of

2. Reselling Images
Digital products downloaded from cannot be resold or redistributed or license by the buyer himself and resell. Artandstock reserves
the copyright of all the digital products from this site.

3. Illegal Use
You cannot use any of the digital products from this site for Pornographic or obscene work or for illegal purpose. artandstock will terminate license agreement at any time if you fail to comply with any of the terms and you must immediately halt using the our digital products.

4. Image license terminology
Images in stock photo section are Standard License unless specified. Extended license meant to be for unlimited usage of photos. However
even if you obtain extended image license or standard license, you still cannot resell the images wholly or individually to anyone, or license yourself or claim copyright of the images bought from artandstock.

5. Extended License
Extended license permits the user unlimited usage of the images on print and electronic media such as Web, TV, CD/DVD, mobile, etc.
It can also be used in offset printing, clothings, mugs, electronic peripherals, publications, billboards, stationary

6. Standard License
Standard License limits the usage of the stock images:
300,000 print products
50,000 posters, banners, posters, stationary, print media
40,000 clothing prints, mugs, etc.

If you have any questions, please contact us.